Hello Jeremy,
I very much enjoyed the Podcast on eating alone. Both the topic and the format.
In thinking about your question I would give a perspective from a family view where some children still live in the home ( adult children) . Your podcast made me think about the all of the meals in the day ,how we approach them and our preferences towards food. here’s a little perspective from my day:

1. Breakfast is my alone meal. Everyone has left the house and I prepare a nice breakfast and good beverage. I sit at the dining room table taking my time , enjoying the quiet, savoring the food and good coffee. I like to look out the window and watch the day unfold and organize my day . Its my favorite meal time.

2. lunch is spent alone as well, and this is the worst habit I have when it comes to eating. I spend it while working in front of my computer , even if I go to the commissary I will take it to go back to my office and keep plugging away at work while noshing on some sort of just an OK meal . I would say being at work during the day has brought on some pretty bad eating habits. If there is a meeting the company inevitably calls it over lunch time and provides a Box lunch or pizza while you are discussing major issues. This is not eating alone but has the same feel. is the least important meal to me.

3. I have always viewed dinner as the time to eat together with someone, mainly family a planned meals we mutually love to eat with whom ever is home. We have some routines like meatless monday, and taco tuesday and we tend to sit together at the table. Sometimes we talk over things going on. We always have a full meal and desert.

I cherish the alone meal, Breakfast, it gives me a chance to plan my day , relax, enjoy the moment, no stress. Lunch is just a duty a response to the urge to eat. Dinner has always been focused on family and pleasing each other . Part of that comes from family heritage of growing up in an Italian/ Czechoslovakian home. evening meals are very important to Europeans.

Thank you this was a very fun topic and really got me thinking about the whole concept of eating alone. Oh and I am going to put flowers on my breakfast table.
Warmest regards
Teri Culletto