Thanks William for your very thoughtful comments. I agree that the dough might cook in a microwave, but part of the joy of bread is what higher temperatures do to the dough, and that’s what is currently missing. If you do then get the crispness, the browning Maillard reaction and all that by putting cooked dough into a toaster, I suppose that’s fair enough.

Personally, I quite like my English muffins untoasted, but I agree a crumpet needs to be toasted. I’ve never had one fresh off the griddle though.

As for exploiting the strengths of the microwave, rather than merely trying to replicate “conventional” methods of cooking, I think you are absolutely correct. I’ve never owned one, so I can’t speak from experience, but I believe there are people doing innovative and exciting things with a microwave, rather than, say, making “omelettes” in a plastic bag.