That’s a timely reminder. Been telling myself to start making yogurt at home for weeks. It’s expensive, but it also irritates me that our local council only recycles plastic bottles (2, HDPE) but not other plastics, notably yogurt cartons (5, Polypropylene). So I’m ending up with a stupid collection of pots, pending their fate in the landfill or being transported to a less backwards area.

I’ve made yogurt before but it was c1994, in New Zealand, with milk from our own cows. I can’t remember how we processed it though. I assume we pasteurised it. What happens if you try to make yogurt with raw milk – is there a battle between the native bacteria and the desired lactobacillus etc?

You mention your starter culture – this could just be a blob of some good quality live active yogurt right?

Ye Olde Fahrenheit….