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  • On our natural (?) disgust for putrid food @EatPodcast… HT @rachellaudan

  • “The farther north you go, the more your diet consists of meat.” @EatPodcast on how arctic natives get Vitamin C 🗻🍊

  • Listening to @EatPodcast It’s putrid, it’s paleo, and it’s good for you #Podcasts

  • What Chris Aldrich is doing Now mentioned this on

  • The shocking news about breeding for flavour (hint, not as novel as some proclaim it to be) via @EatPodcast :…

  • A great piece on strawberries as the iconic American fruit: HT to Jeremy Cherfas @EatPodcast

  • Listened to @EatPodcast #changingglobaldiet: the website #Podcasts

  • Achievement unlocked (thanks to huge help from the #indieweb community) — now receiving webmentions at Eat This Podcast. But lots still to be done.

  • hey @EatPodcast I just want to check that you are receiving mentions. #indieweb FTW.