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Eat This Newsletter 080 Is the living easy yet?

  1. Have you ever wondered how all those different specialty sauces get to supermarket shelves? Wonder no more.
  2. By now we all know that chocolate is a fermented food, right? But there’s still so much we don’t know about The Microbial Ecology of Chocolate.
  3. You know what else is fermented? Coffee. Take a deep draught from the annals of coffee vessels.
  4. Date of Italy’s earliest olive oil pushed back a few hundred years. Probably a bit fermented by now.
  5. The author of Big Chicken scratches in the dirt to locate figures on the use of antibiotics in American agriculture.
  6. Which is a perfect opportunity to plug my podcast on antibiotics and agriculture, in case you haven’t heard it.

Food as Power "We are suffering, in short, from a power famine as well as a food famine"

In 1946 Geoffrey Pyke, an eminently sane scientist, put forward the idea of using what little coal there was to refine sugar rather than feeding it to locomotives. Human muscles would make far better use of the energy than steam engines. The problem Pyke tried to tackle remains essentially unsolved: where is the power for food production to come from?