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Aaron Vallance — 1dish4theroad How a London doctor came to love writing — about food and more

A view of london from Greenwich Park

Aaron Vallance Aaron Vallance’s writing at his website 1dish4theroad has twice been shortlisted by the Guild of Food Writers, not bad for someone who admits to having great difficulty doing his English homework at school. Even more, Aaron Vallance manages to combine sharing great restaurants from the many diasporas present in London with being a doctor in the National Health Service.

I first became aware of Aaron’s website through Curry and Kneidlach: A Tale of Two Immigrant Families, co-written with Shahnaz Ahsan, and I’ve followed him ever since. A visit to London gave me the chance to meet Aaron in person and get an insight about what food and writing mean to him and how they relate to his practice as a doctor.


  1. Aaron Vallance’s website is 1Dish4TheRoad and from there you can find links to follow him in many other places.
  2. Dig into his double life and the food that sustains the NHS at his post A Tribute to the NHS (from a foodie).
  3. Shahnaz Ahsan, the curry part of Curry and Kneidlach, published her first novel to great acclaim.
  4. Aaron mentioned Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, Winner of MasterChef UK in 2017 and a gastro-enterologist with the NHS. It will be interesting to see what becomes of her campaign to ensure that the NHS means No Hungry Staff.
  5. And here is the transcript.
  6. Photos by me.

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  • Really thrilled to be invited onto the brilliant @EatPodcast last week. We discussed: food and mental health; story-telling in food writing; and the piece ‘Curry & Kneidlach’ (that I co-wrote w. @shahnazahsan). If you fancy a listen..👇🎙️🎶

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  • So thrilled to be invited by Jeremy onto his brilliant podcast. We’re discussing food and mental health; story-telling in food writing; and the piece ‘Curry & Kneidlach’ (which I co-wrote w. @shahnazahsan).👇