Eat This Newsletter 044

21 November 2016

Authentic food news

No apologies this week for focusing on North America. There are still plenty of things to give thanks for.

  1. Revisiting authenticity, this time in the context of mezcal. It’s only the abstract of a student anthro paper, but it looks really interesting, examining the differences between local authenticity and global authenticity.
  2. 538 unravels a weird fact about farms in the USA: The number of farms has stayed about the same, and yet there has been huge consolidation among farms. Part of the answer: “These aren’t the farms of the poor; they’re the yards of the upper-middle-class.”
  3. The official estimated price of Thanksgiving dinner has dropped. Again

    What’s nice, to me, is that we both have questions about what the headline price of that feast leaves out.

  4. Back to 538 for the last word on Thanksgiving, and a self-selecting, undoubtedly biassed but nevertheless fascinating attempt to define “the best possible Thanksgiving dinner”. I expect the results to be really scary.

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