Slow, but Exceedingly Fine Our Daily Bread 24

Without a doubt, the most important trend in the resurgence of baking with care is the increasing use of small mills by keen home bakers and professionals alike. Better nutrition and stunning flavour are the obvious benefits. Less visible, a renewal of local grain growing and closer links between farmers and bakers, all in search of better wheats.

Photo by kind permission of Andrew Heyn at New American Stone Mills.


  1. Fun. When I was a baker at the eighties last century, I found out that our Belgian neighbourbakers sweared using Β΄flour that is a few weeks oldΒ΄ (se plancher’, lay resting on the shelves) as we thought in Holland. The flour bakes better – technically – because of the little oxidation that had taken place. Our German neighbourbakers on the other hand sweared with ‘fresh grinded flour’. Every baker there used to have their own mill. One has technical breadbaking reasons, the other has health reasons. Fun to me to find out how sure every baker was about their own truth. Thanks for the very good Podcast talks.

    1. Jeremy Cherfas

      Agreed! Everyone has their own reasons. I had always read that flour needs to age for a few weeks, but that may be only high extraction industrial flours. I need to study the subject more.

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