Black Diamond Feedyard, Herington Kansas

Black Diamond Feedyard, Herington, KS

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The Mishka Henner image that I really liked was the one you see above, of Black Diamond Feedyard in Herington, Kansas. It just seemed such an unlikely shape for a massive cattle-feeding operation. But of course, there’s a story behind it …

You can see the site for yourself at 38.692°N, 96.800°W and you will notice something odd if you do; the main runway (at the top of the diamond photo) is actually on the west side of the site. So the image isn’t, precisely, upside down. It is just rotated through 90°.

What I didn’t realise, until I came to research this little piece, is that Black Diamond is probably less damaging than the huge feedlots, and not only because it is smaller. You can read more in this profile of the operation.

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