A selection of trifles Little stories from the year just past

photoHaving started this autumn to do little trailers for upcoming shows, I thought it would be an interesting way to prevent absolute silence over the holidays to adapt that format and revisit some of 2014’s episodes. Some of these mini-episodes represent a reworking of the original in much cut-down form. Others are stories that for one reason or another had to be left out of the original episode. There are links to each of them below, which will be updated as new ones are published.

  • Garibaldi and citrus in Italy
  • Bread remembered
  • Cheese in aspic
  • Pasta laid bare
  • There’s no actual audio in this post. I’m not sure how, or even whether, that will affect subscribers, who will already have seen these episodes come into their preferred podcatcher. It seemed worth gathering them here though. Apologies if that messes up anyone’s experience.

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