Eat This Newsletter 035

4 July 2016

Authentic food news

  1. I’ve been avoiding the topic as much as possible, but my old mucker Colin Tudge has managed to find a glimmer of hope in Brexit. Not that there’s any chance.
  2. What then, are the chances of EU stalwart Romania being allowed to insist that food sold in supermarkets be 51% local?
  3. Here’s a thought: “People do not choose what they eat, they choose from the range of products presented to them.” Schnittstelle in Berlin is trying to change what people are offered.
  4. Here’s another thought: “Paying farmers can be seen as subsidizing supply, while directly reducing consumer price is more like subsidizing demand.” National Geographic tackles how some foods make people fat and what to do about it.
  5. It had to happen: exploring biodiversity of beers, based (mostly) on biodiverse barleys.
  6. More on subsidies, plus bonus partial self-promotion: Christopher Emsden and I barely touched on subsidies in our discussion on sugar, but if you’re at all interested, Marion Nestle linked to a great article in the Los Angeles Times.

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