Eat This Newsletter 046

19 December 2016

Authentic food news

  1. Interesting interview with “revered Irish chef Denis Cotter” on his approach to vegetables. Another reason to revisit Cork ASAP. Bonus: drawings by my 2nd favourite food illustrator, Johanna Kindval
  2. From Australia, the by-now traditional tale of spices, empires and Christmas, through the bottom of a glass of gin.
  3. Which reminds me, apparently you can make a pretty good gin to your own taste, at home, and you don’t need a bathtub. (I have not tried this myself.)
  4. If you prefer eggnog, you’re on your own. But you may still be interested to learn why free-range eggs have cracked the market in Britain, with added hard-boiled puns, from the Economist.
  5. Nothing specific on egg labelling, but Marion Nestle summarises a special edition of Food Navigator on food labels and associated lawsuits. Fun.

Regardless of how you feel about this particular holiday season (and I like it) the fact is that the world does tend to more or less shut down. Eat This Podcast is following that herd of reindeer. Instead of full episodes, there will be some smaller snippets over the next four or five weeks. I’m not sure how the Newsletter will go; I’ll still be reading whatever I can, so if there’s interesting stuff, I’ll probably share it.

Till then, happy whatevers, and thanks for all your support over the past year.

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