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Eat This Newsletter 090 Sushi is a donut

  1. My absolute favourite this issue is The Cube Rule, though a real topologist would say that there are actually only four foods, rather than six. Andy Baio, who sent me there, also linked to Soup-Salad-Sandwich Space.
  2. Scientists Are Fighting For The Stricken Pickle Against This Tricky Disease. Proof, if proof were needed, that when some people say “pickle” they mean “cucumber”.
  3. A ruminative essay on the nature of terroir, prompted by studies of the microbes found on the same grapes, grape must and wines in different places. More research needed.
  4. What price cheap Wagyu beef? More cellular stuff, as the Just company (you know, egg-free mayo) inks an agreement to start its cow-free beef with actual Wagyu animals raised at Toriyama Ranch. And yes, there is a genetic component to the beef’s texture, but sheesh.
  5. Which makes it imperative I just leave this one here: What Kinds of Food Do You Serve at a Funeral?
  6. Quiz time: what is (claimed to be) Australia’s national drink? Where did it come from?
  7. Bread magazine has a started a series on Heirloom, Ancient, Heritage, and Landrace Grains. Part two covers The Biological Species of Ancient and Modern Wheats.
  8. The latest Salmonella in beef recall is up to 12 million pounds. That’s a lot of quarter pounders; 48 million, approximately.




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