Eat This Newsletter 64

16 October 2017

  1. Everyone else seems to have gone to town on Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize and how his research can help people choose healthier diets. So I’ll point to The Economist’s very thoughtful analysis of the link between land reform and prosperity.
  2. A lovely listen, as Laurie Taylor hears about the history of restaurants and restaurant critics on Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed.
  3. Nebraska gives New York a licking in the great Reuben sandwich origin war. For reasons I can’t quite articulate, this piece made me very happy, although I have yet to try Ken Albala’s deconstructed Reuben noodle soup.
  4. How do you deal with modern food marketing if you eschew modern technology? A cracking story about Amish workarounds.
  5. And another one on a farmer in western Georgia who “has now reverted to ways that his grandfather might recognise,” not least by giving up on sub-therapeutic antibiotics.
  6. Shameless self-promotion: I went to town on one defender of antibiotics in agriculture.

By the way, I hope those Economist links are available. Please let me know if they’re behind a paywall for you.

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