Let them eat kale

The UK’s shortage of vegetables ((Which Modern Farmer helpfully extends to “vegetable-like fruits,” bless its cotton socks.)) remains in the news.

Meanwhile, people who don’t rely on supermarkets for their fresh produce seem to be doing fine, like my friend Dan, who sent this note.

Haven’t really even noticed the lettuce shortage. We eat Spanish broccoli, but mostly eat local, seasonal greens. Loads of kale, cavolo nero etc around here now, and cauliflower.

He also mentioned Claytonia perfoliata, aka miner’s lettuce and winter purslane. I’d forgotten about that, to be honest, though I used to grow it in the UK. Very good it is too.

There are, in fact, many more salad leaves than were pictured in the article in Eat This Newsletter and the current shortage ought to be a great incentive to try some of them. Instead, it seems to be bringing out the worst in at least one newspaper columnist.

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