Grass-fed beef A better way of putting meat on the table

What kind of business wants customers to buy less? The beef business, or at least, one tiny corner of the beef business. Mark Shelley is an environmental film-maker turned cattleman who raises grass-fed beef near Carmel, California. The methods he and many others have adopted make beef far less environmentally damaging than industrial methods. Quite apart from anything else beef … Read More

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A second helping of citrus in Italy Not a lemon, nominated for an award

This episode is a repeat of one first published in October 2014, and the reason is that it has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award. I’m utterly thrilled by the news, and gratified that more people have downloaded episodes and subscribed to the show. Strangely (at least to me) the original did not see huge renewed interest, which … Read More

Extra matter

Tasty morsels 003

Every two weeks I attempt to fill the void between audio episodes with a small selection of things that merited my attention, in the hope that some of them may do the same for you.

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While you wait

I’m trying an experiment, sharing some things I find interesting via the email newsletter that announces each new episode. Here’s the first issue. Even if you’re already a subscriber to the podcast, via iTunes or your favourite podcatcher, you can still subscribe to the newsletter. And if there’s enough demand, I’ll create a separate mailing list.