Just Mayo and justice I can't believe it isn't an emulsion stabilised by egg lecithin


It’s hard to know what this episode is really about. Government bullying private enterprise? An evil conspiracy to crush a competitor? Confused consumers unable to read a label? All of the above? In a nutshell, on 12 August 2015 the US Food and Drug Administration sent a warning letter to Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek Foods, informing him that … Read More


The military-culinary complex How the army invaded lunchboxes everywhere

Have you ever stopped to wonder what drives the incessant innovation in processed food? Who thought that an energy bar would be a good thing to exist? What was the logic that drove the development of the cheese-flavoured powder that coats so many snacks? Even instant coffee; why was that needed? The answer to all these questions, and many more, … Read More


100% food insecure: poor people in a rich country How the indigenous people in Northern Manitoba are reclaiming their food sovereignty

The O-Pipin-Na-Piwin Cree Nation have suffered generations of maltreatment at the hands of various official entities. Moved from their homelands further south, they now occupy small scattered settlements in northern Manitoba, where summers are short and the land infertile. Having adapted to some extent to their new circumstances, large dams, built to supply energy to the rest of the province … Read More

Extra matter

Artisan is dead

I bought a sandwich that proclaimed it was made of “artisan baked bread”. The bread was brown pap which, to be honest, I could see from the start. So, I wrote an obituary for artisan.

Eat This Newsletter 012

Lyrical fermented foods in China, matter-of-fact fermented foods in Japan and “I can’t believe it’s not mayo or that it doesn’t contain eggs!”.

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