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Culture and agriculture in the Pamirs With our own hands: a new book

The Pamir Mountains of Central Asia hold a fascinating diversity of food crops. Exploring the area in the early years of the 20th century the great Russian botanist Nikolai Vavilov became convinced that this was where “the original evolution of many cultivated plants took place.” Soft club wheat, with its short ears, rye, barley, oil plants, grain legumes like chick … Read More


How to eat well in Italy Listen to someone who has been there for you

People looking for a good place to eat in Rome can choose from almost as many opinions as there are restaurants. Truth be told, though, a lot of those opinions have been shared by ninnies. Seriously, if you’re looking for some harmless entertainment as you wait for the bill to arrive after an excellent meal that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed, read … Read More

Extra matter

Other people’s larders

An old friend sent me a cutting of a column in The (London) Times magazine, exploring the contents of Food Editor Tony Turnbull’s larder. I’d like to take credit for inspiring this, the very week of my podcast on the same topic, but I know how magazine journalism works and the piece was probably rustled up long ago.