Agricultural foundations Looking at food and farming as an ecologist

One of the things I find most frustrating in agricultural research is that, despite the subject matter, it often bears little relationship to the fundamental facts of life. Too often, we hear all sorts of extravagant claims being made that a bit of more analytical thought would show were somewhat less than likely to work out. No names, no pack … Read More

Extra matter


Hard to believe, but Eat This Podcast has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award in the podcasting category, and in good company too.

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Future of agriculture


Will biotechnology feed the world? Can organic agriculture? Ford Denison is a research scientist who has thought clearly about the future of agriculture and what, if anything, it can learn from nature. Right now, he’s worried.

Cheese in aspic


There’s a thin line between protecting the authenticity of a fine traditional food and preventing the kinds of living changes that allowed it to survive long enough to become traditional. Zack Nowak, a food historian, looked at the rules governing the manufacture of genuine Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP cheese and the cheese’s actual history. The rules say you can’t, but could you make an equally good parmesan somewhere else?

Extracted from the original episode broadcast after the 2nd Perugia Food Conference.

Music by podington bear.