English sausages The glory and gristly details of a much loved food

Who knows what evil lurks beneath the wrinkled skin of an “economy” English sausage? And what delights won for the Cumberland and the Newmarket their coveted status of Protected Geographical Indication? Jan Davison, that’s who. She wrote the book on English sausages and is the guest in this latest episode.


Whiskynomics How the world conspired to bring us single malts

Did you know that malt whisky owes its existence in the marketplace to the stock market crash of 1973-74?

Neither did I, so when one of the people I interviewed for the craft distilling episode a few weeks back made that claim, I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, if you just plug “scotch whisky economic history” into an online search engine, you don’t find anything of real interest, at least not in the first few thousand hits.

Extra matter

Eat This Newsletter 045

Thin gruel this week, I’m afraid, not least because I spent three days last week in the belly of the beast at FAO in Rome, at the International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition. More on that later, maybe.

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