Sweetness and light Sugar may not be the malevelent demon many people think it is


Before I read Christopher Emsden’s book Sweetness and Light: Why the demonization of sugar does not make sense I had no idea that the statistical correlation of air pollution and the epidemic of “diabesity” was stronger than the correlation with sugar. Or that among the indigenous people of Canada, those who still spoke their tribal language have far lower incidence … Read More

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Back to the mountains of Pamir A book about Pamiri culture and agriculture wins a global award

In 2007, Frederik van Oudenhoven travelled to the Pamir mountains in Central Asia to document what remained of the region’s rich agricultural biodiversity. Almost 100 years before, the great Russian botanist Nikolai Vavilov became convinced that this was where “the original evolution of many cultivated plants took place.” Soft club wheat, with its short ears, rye, barley, oil plants, grain … Read More


Where’s the latest episode? An explanation

By rights, there should have been an episode last week, but there wasn’t because I was just back from New York and the James Beard Awards, and I just didn’t have time to put something together. Also, of course, I didn’t win — that honour went to Gravy, from the Southern Foodways Alliance — and richly deserved it was too. … Read More

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More investing stuff I’ve found, from data on organic enterprises to “processed” food. I’m late posting this here, but if you subscribed to the newsletter, you wouldn’t care.

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