Patrik Johansson, the Butter Viking Not quite his grandmother’s butter

Decorated butter handmade by the Butter Viking

Dall-E's rendering of "A viking made of butter"

Ten years ago, the first episode of Eat This Podcast featured Ben Reade talking about some butter that he had buried in a Swedish bog, the better to understand the bog butter occasionally unearthed in Ireland (and elsewhere). The butter for that experiment was made by Patrik Johansson, using methods taught him by his grandmother, lightly churned with some modern food science. The result is a product that can be found only at a few fine restaurants. That is unlikely ever to change, as Patrik says he couldn’t possibly scale up production.

We talked about that, and much else besides.


  1. You can follow Patrik Johansson on Instagram.
  2. Here’s the episode on bog butter
  3. And here is the transcript.
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