Eat This Newsletter 010 Gleanings

10 August 2015

Crunch down.

  1. Restaurant critics (at least in the UK) cannot be relied upon? Say it isn’t so.
  2. Once over lightly for the eating habits of old Pompeii. Lemonade? Really? I’m waiting for news on that one.
  3. Maybe you saw some of the utter tosh about how the evolution of big human brains depended on potatoes? I can guarantee that it didn’t, and a far more interesting possibility is that all those carb-eschewing palaeo-dieters have got it wrong. Here’s a press release about the research.
  4. More research, on where and when a bitter little gourd started to turn into summer’s perfect expression: watermelon.
  5. More summer fun: bake stick bread over an open fire. (Worth subscribing to the magazine if you are into bread.)
  6. Bonus shameless self-promotion. I moaned about fake truffle oil, now I learn that some truffle odours are produced not by the fungus itself but by the bacteria it supports.

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