Eat This Newsletter 014

5 October 2015

Don’t fear the fungi

  1. It’s odd that “cure” has two such distinct meanings, but don’t let the scare mongering of What we know about fungi and cured meats put you off.
  2. The life and times of domesticated cheese-making fungi could also put you off, if you let it.
  3. More sciencey stuff: a review of The Food Lab, the giant new tome from Kenji López-Alt. I know I’ve given him grief, but the book sounds worthwhile.
  4. This is all turning very negative, but sometimes that happens. Stuff like the Future Food District makes me so glad I didn’t get to Milan for Expo 2015.
  5. Likewise the Foresight project, which “aims at understanding what decisions do policymakers need to take in the coming decades to ensure that by 2035 food systems deliver high quality diets in low/middle income countries”. Because they really still don’t know?

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