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Eat This Newsletter 033

20 June 2016

Authentic food news

  1. There’s a new cheese mountain in town, and it isn’t in Europe. But it may be Europe’s fault, what with a weak euro, the end of production limits and pesky Putin’s cheese import ban.
  2. I picked up the copper-coin-in-the-bowl-if-you-haven’t-got-a-copper-bowl tip for better whipped egg whites when I first read On Food and Cooking in the 1980s. But I hadn’t realised there was a sequel: silver is apparently as good, and there are less expensive subsititutes.
  3. A strange piece asks “Celery: Why?” without once mentioning celeriac, Queen among difficult vegetables.
  4. A far-reaching history of rhubarb, which isn’t nearly as toxic as some people imagine.
  5. The attack by sausage-wielding thugs on a vegan cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia, has been heard around the world, but I’ve been hard-pressed to find anything like an original source. This will have to do.



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