Eat This Newsletter 047

23 January 2017

Authentic food news

The previous newsletter was back on 19 December, when I suggested that if there were interesting stuff over the festive season, I’d share it. Well, there was, but I didn’t, so you’ve got your work cut out. All of it, I have to say, wonderfully opinionated, not that I necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed. But they are entertaining.

So, let’s get cracking.

  1. In Cato Unbound, Gary Taubes has been defending his sugar hypothesis against all comers. Read the response essays too, if you have time. And energy.
  2. If you worry about sugary sodas, I hope you weren’t tut-tutting when you read that poor people spend money on sodas because, as Marc Bellemare explains, so does everyone else.
  3. Mark Bittman, meanwhile, offers a recipe for a healthy food system. Right.
  4. Darra Goldstein recalls her years in Soviet Russia and how they prepared her for her dedication to food preservation, in an extended conversation for Harvard Design Magazine.
  5. Are you ready for pasta with terroir?
  6. How about mutiny in the mess tent?
  7. Saving best for last: Bee Wilson on the slow death of the great British curry house and — irony fully intended — Harry Sword conjures Keith Floyd of blessed memory to pour scorn on the modern incarnation of the great British everything.

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