Eat This Newsletter 052

3 April 2017

  1. If you’re in the least bit interested in “the truth” about African agriculture, this special issue of the journal Food Policy is for you. I haven’t read it all yet, but I really should try to do an episode with Luc Christiaensen, who edited the special issue.
  2. If you want to keep up with the academics (even if you are an academic) you need to speak the lingo. Rachel Laudan offers useful insights into “food systems”.
  3. To him that hath, shall be given: The League of Kitchens in NYC sounds fun and rewarding. I found out about it from a column on Mark Bittman’s site.
  4. Dan Etherington has also been learning about breads, in his case Mamoosh pita, in Newhaven in Sussex (England).

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