A Blissful Feast Teresa Lust shares memories and recipes from her voyages of exploration


Teresa Lust teaches Italian at the Rassias Center for World Languages of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and is an acclaimed translator. In some ways, that is the fault of a trip to her mother’s ancestral village in Rocco Canavese, outside Turin. There, she met her family and their foods, which started her on a quest to learn the language properly so that she could learn about the food. In her latest book she brings to life her journeys through Italy and shares the recipes, suitably enhanced for those of use who don’t have an Italian grandmother, and how she came to know them.


  1. Teresa Lust has a website where you can find out more about A Blissful Feast.
  2. Back in 2016, Teresa Lust and Harry Paris helped me to understand When is a zucchini not a zucchini?
  3. Here is the transcript. Thanks to supporters for helping to make it possible.
  4. Banner photo of grissini by Teresa Lust.

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