Eat This Newsletter 053

  1. In celebration of Ēostre, a round up of food and farming photos and a fifth question.
  2. It never rains but it pours: unprecedented typhoons in Hokkaido, Japan, last year have resulted in a potato chip shortage and hoarding, not least because although imports from elsewhere are available, one of the main Japanese potato chip manufacturers has decided that “a majority of the American spuds are of insufficient quality and cannot cover the deficit”.
  3. James Wong explains how “mustard gives broccoli superpowers”. I always thought broccoli already had superpowers. Having read the caveats in the original research paper, he may be jumping the gun slightly. Broccoli remains delicious under all circumstances.
  4. Ian Mosby had a lot of fun writing a special article about Canada’s culinary history and contributions to food culture. Yes, Virginia, it goes beyond poutine and Tim Horton’s. Could repay further study, in which case …
  5. Culinary Historians of New York invites submissions for the 2017 CHNY Scholar’s Grant in support of research and scholarship in the field of culinary history.
  6. Bonus shameless self-promotion: Previous winners have appeared on Eat This Podcast.

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