Eat This Newsletter 060

21 August 2017

  1. This one surprised me: Cane and beet share the same chemistry but act differently in the kitchen. There appear to be real, repeatable differences in several sweet foods made with either cane or beet sugar. And cane is better. But how is one to know? H/T Marion Nestle.
  2. Solid interview with Nan Kohler, a small-scale miller in Los Angeles, about the qualities of wheats and the value of millers.
  3. Maybe we should eat walnuts as de-appetizers rather than dessert, because they make you feel full, or so this press release would have you believe. Of course, you need to take most brain-scan results with a teaspoon of salt. Bonus: my musings on walnuts and bread.
  4. Jeremy Paxman’s article on The terrible cost of Scotland’s salmon farms in the FT may be beyond a paywall, rather like access to wild salmon reaches. Or maybe you just need to register.
  5. I love that for The Online Photographer a post on Fresh Produce is considered OT — off topic — while for this newsletter, photography is OT.

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