Eat This Newsletter 079 More is more

  1. OK, this is very worthwhile: Science magazine has a really good round-up of the latest research on What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?. (I’d have removed that final question mark, but what do I know.)
  2. So is this: Diet and cancer risk: the latest research evidence. Marion Nestle offers her very brief summary and, better yet, links to all the underlying evidence.
  3. It says here that it will take you almost 18 years to make Eggs Benedict from scratch. Recursive Recipes is a bit of fun and takes a bit of exploring to see what’s going on. You need to play with the slider under Time limit to see how things change.
  4. I haven’t quite worked out why you need apples for Eggs Benedict, and I was going to link to an article about apple breeding on Popular Science, but the GDPR-overkill has made me very wary. There has to be a better way. Maybe if you’re not in Europe the link will work for you. Please, let me know.
  5. In any case, if you plan to do things from scratch, you might want to study What Does a Seed Farmer Do?.
  6. That article tells me that “most modern-day farmers don’t have time for it, nor the know-how”. Very true, alas, and thankfully not a problem for the African farmers enslaved and sent to Suriname. My compadre Luigi found a super video showing how they transported their rice seeds with them.
  7. Claims to contain truffles are often bogus, and being expensive is often no guarantee that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Welcome, then, to research that can “clearly discriminate foods that contained synthetic truffle aroma or a mixture of synthetic and natural aromas, and … distinguish among products containing white truffle and those containing other species of the fungus.” Or, you know, just buy truffles, if you can.

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