Eat This Newsletter 082 A day late, a dollar short

  1. Katherine Preston, aka The Botanist in the Kitchen, goes to town on a self-serving, bullshit-peddling soy milk manufacturer and finds several teaching moments in her rant of the month. My one complaint; why not name and shame Silk and it’s owners, DanoneWave?
  2. What’s behind the USA’s efforts to torpedo global efforts to encourage breast-feeding. What did you think?
  3. The most food secure country in the world? Hint: it isn’t the USA any more.
  4. Way, way more than you’ll ever need to know to refuse a bottle of corked wine. Just remind that sniffy sommelier that you’re grateful to chlorophenol O-methyltransferase for protecting us from evil.
  5. A move away from rice could save water and improve nutrition in India. Just one thing: “would [people] be willing to incorporate more of these alternative cereals into their diets”?
  6. The US discovers that an Argentinian beef carcass cut into steaks can be labelled “Product of U.S.A.” The EU has been wrestling with all this for decades.
  7. If a picture were worth 1000 words, Kay at Big Picture Agriculture would have written 6,000 words on corn (maize) in global trade.

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