Eat This Newsletter 089 Be lucky

A shrill and sensationalist article in Eater a couple of weeks ago took tech-bro bread bakers to task for taking over artisan bread. It’s had quite enough fanfare and spirited criticism already, so I’m not even going to bother linking. Instead, I’ve got …

  1. An unusual threat to an iconic breadstuff: The death of the Montreal bagel?. Note that question mark. It generally presages the answer “No”. To which, in this case, I’d maybe add, “not yet”.
  2. Speaking of bagels … 9 Inconvenient Truths About Jewish Food (That Nobody Wants To Talk About) has some choice conversation starters if you do want to talk.
  3. Biscuits in Britain and biscuits in America share one fundamental characteristic: they need low-protein flour. Which, apparently, bakers outside the American South can’t find for love or money.
  4. Those tech bros muscling in on hearth and home? They’re doing turkeys too, and doing it all wrong.
  5. Fish are in no better shape. Not for this New Zealander, nor in the European Union. (By the way, if that Economist article is not available to you, I apologise. It is becoming fiendishly difficult to know what I can share with ease and what will require you to do some jumping through hoops.)
  6. Which is why I jumped through the hoops for you on this one. I saved Wired magazine’s article on The Government’s Role in the Rise of Lab-Grown Meat to the Internet Archive, so it ought to be there for anyone to read, for a long time. Which reminds me, it is about time I made another donation to support the Internet Archive.

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