Eat This Newsletter 097 Gutsy

  1. Federal subsidies for US commercial fisheries should be rejected. The full article is behind a paywall, but here’s a snippet:
  2. “For an administration that rails against socialism, it’s bizarre that it would place more faith in big government to price vessel loans than in the private banking industry.”

  3. For true coeliacs, seems like a restaurant is a bad place to lead a gluten free life.
  4. Jess Fanzo on “on the complications of understanding what is a healthy diet”.
  5. When a Big Ag conglomerate buys an iconic niche meat company, who has to change?.
  6. If you close the Mexican border with the USA, you deprive the USA of avocados. Do those who support closing the border care a fig for avocados?
  7. A beet that doesn’t taste beety. The article is about so much more than that.
  8. If you know, would you mind telling me what this – White and Gold and cheese-chopped all over – is all about.

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