Eat This Newsletter 63

2 October 2017

  1. What will happen during the forthcoming avocado glut.
  2. I found about that from Marc Bellemare’s piece on avocadonomics, which contains the remakable words “In the process of preparing for my call with Kyle, I read a whole bunch about avocados, as they were a commodity I knew little about.” How many pundits do that?
  3. Partial closure on the case of The Codfather — 46 months in the slammer. The original story featured in ETN 051 in March.
  4. The Lancet looks forward to a world without hunger.
  5. I wonder what the domestic goddesses who taught Emily Gould how to be an adult think about world hunger. They’re against it too, I feel certain.
  6. Anti-science reaches a new nadir as Italians vandalise a field trial of Xylella-resistant olives.

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