High Art Gazing down at the world from space reveals truths about food

Detailed view of Wrangler feedyar, Tulia, Texas

Mishka Henner Bologna likes to think of itself as the pinnacle of food culture in Italy, so it is a bit of a wonder that it took until the 5th edition of the Biennial of Photography on Industry and Work to focus attention on food. All of the 11 exhibitions were really interesting and well curated, not least because they were often in glorious spaces that are not normally open to the public, resulting in some very fine cultural juxtapositions. But there was one that really caught my eye because it offered literally a new view of the foundations of America’s appetite for cheap beef. Almost as soon as I got home I arranged to chat to the artist, Mishka Henner, about his work.


  1. Mishka Henner’s work is at his website and you can follow him on Instagram. There’s also a profile of him in The New York Times.
  2. All the images are taken from Mishka Henner’s originals.
  3. Extra music started with a track from Jack Bailey.
  4. Transcript now available.

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