Eat This Newsletter 032

6 June 2016

Authentic food news

  1. I had intended to do my own guide to homemade butter when I published the episode on Irish butter, but haven’t, yet. In the meantime, here’s a quick guide to quick homemade butter.
  2. To use that butter, you need to bake some bread. But forget about that bag of flour; obviously you need to mill some fresh. (I couldn’t access the original in the Wall Street Journal, so that’s the précis.)
  3. And if you’re going to mill some flour to bake some bread for that butter, you’re going to want to use newly fashionable ancient wheat. All you need to know about einkorn.
  4. A little bit of cheese for the royal slice of bread?
  5. OK, I really hadn’t intended to go all-in on bread and butter and cheese, but like London busses, these things sometimes hunt in packs. So what else have I got? How about some tarnished Golden Rice. I’ve honestly got nothing against specific GMOs, but sometimes failure to deliver really is a failure to deliver.
  6. In search of Ibn Battuta’s melon. No cheap jokes about how he came to lose it, please.
  7. Which came first, bananas, or banana flavour?

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