Eat This Newsletter 040

26 September 2016

Authentic food news

Some cracking long reads this time around, stuffed with history and cultures.

  1. Bee Wilson chews over London then and now. From here, mid-Victorian London really does look like a foreign country.
  2. From China, Fuchsia Dunlop on the irresistible rise of soy sauce has me wondering whether I have ever had the right stuff.
  3. Ashwaq Masoodi on Dalit food. Hard to get my head around the idea that beef is the stuff the lower classes have to make do with.
  4. Sort of self-promotion: In Canada, some people would have to spend half their income to eat healthily. Last year’s podcast with someone trying to fix the problem.
  5. And – of course – more from the front lines of cultural appropriation, as Disney abandons it’s recipe for princess-approved “healthy gumbo”.
  6. A brief moment of schadenfreude as Bloomberg slathers pea-protein stabilised emulsion on the face of Hampton Creek.

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