Eat This Newsletter 054

Arise, ye starvelings

1 May 2017

  1. We peasants, artisans and others Are explaining our lives to cultural commentators.
  2. Enrolled among the sons of toil Or, perhaps, among the open source, robotic, small-scale farm workers.
  3. Let’s change the earth henceforth for brothers And sisters, natch, by pausing in our wanderings to crack a walnut or two.
  4. Drive the indolent from the soil No! Make the indolent pick their own.
  5. On our flesh too long has fed the raven Consumer capitalism eats a chocolate factory and a way of life.
  6. We’ve too long been the vulture’s prey Those vultures have already increased the price of fruit and veg in the UK.
  7. But now farewell the spirit craven Farewell too to Five Myths About Medieval Cuisines.
  8. The dawn brings in a brighter day A day on which I would be free to attend the Creative Tastebuds Symposium in Denmark in September.

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