Eat This Newsletter 057

10 July 2017

It’s all a bit tangential this week, as I recover from declaring internet bankruptcy on my return from holiday. Is there something you spotted during June that deserves a wider audience? Send it to me. In the meantime:

  1. Don’t contribute to the fatberg menace. I swear, when I first heard about fatbergs, a million years ago from Derek Cooper, there was a company in England that rendered the things down, cleaned them up, and sold the results back to restaurants. That’s sustainability, right?
  2. Soap and water obviously isn’t a solution to the fatberg menace. The good news, buried in a very long article, is that a quick wash with cool water is adequate for almost all food safety needs.
  3. How to write about food that isn’t part of your own culture; several people of colour tell me.
  4. Is a well-done steak part of my culture? No, but it is for 11.7% of the customers of one US chain. I’ll say no more.
  5. My cultured compadre Luigi reports on a strange people who treat melons as veggies.
  6. More cucurbits. Bee Wilson asks: Why don’t we complain about cucumbers? And if you want to complain that the article is behind a paywall, complain to Bee (and to me). And Bee, take a look at this, if you’re interested.
  7. Finally, and this really isn’t tangential so much as completely unrelated, one of my favourite writers talks over a few drams of one of my favourite tipples.

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