Eat This Newsletter 066

13 November 2017

  1. The Codfather is Finally In Jail from Modern Farmer, which links to a nice background piece that I don’t think I’ve seen before. Seriously, though, has anyone optioned the film rights?
  2. Is organic really better for the environment than conventional agriculture? As always, the correct answer to a question in a headline is usually “No”.
  3. This is definitely the year of sticking it to big chicken. I haven’t yet read The Hamlet Fire but I plan to.
  4. You’ll never look at another food photo in the same way after reading #EatingfortheInsta: A Semiotic Analysis of Digital Representations of Food on Instagram.
  5. And, in case you missed them, Rachel Laudan on why cooking isn’t easy and Martin Lersch’s technique to make it easier.

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