Eat This Newsletter 075 Parochial concerns

  1. If broken eggs can symbolise both a ruined woman and an impotent man, what’s a poor food-art-tour guide to do?
  2. “‘[E]xtreme’ price volatility is typical of agricultural commodity markets," so along comes Hershey to promote more sustainable cocoa, for, y’know, the social good. Nothing to do with acceptably cheap chocolate. The thing I really don’t understand is why, collectively, farmers’ memories are so short.
  3. Jayson Lusk introduces a new series of policy briefs hosted at Purdue University. If you’re looking for information rather than bluster about US food aid and the farm bill, this is a good place to start.
  4. And, staying with the policy wonks, here’s a response to all the critics of that iconoclastic piece about young farmers in the US.
  5. Roman artichokes declared unkosher by Israeli Rabbinate prompt global crisis”. To be honest, though, I have my doubts as to just how global that crisis really is. As for the rabbis, nobody is forcing them to enjoy one of the greatest delights of the current season. They’re just big spoilsports.

And yes, this week’s newsletter is horribly US-centric. Even that final piece came from an American website. I do look elsewhere, honest, and would be delighted to receive your suggestions of good sites to monitor.

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