Eat This Newsletter 120 An opportunity?

  1. Extraordinary Fungal Masks used by the Indigenous People of North America and Asia
  2. The Italian Farmer Returning Chickens to the Wild. I don’t envy him collecting about 1000 eggs a day from the woods.
  3. How herring in the North Sea could sour the Brexit trade negotiations.
  4. If you don’t know it, and even if you do, listen to Singing the Fishing, in my opinion the best of the marvellous BBC Radio Ballads.
  5. Covid–19 and the future of food from Chris Smaje of Small Farm Future. Long-term hopeful.
  6. “The Gastronomica Editorial Collective is seeking dispatches about food in the time of COVID–19.”
  7. Here’s mine … Life here in lockdown land honestly hasn’t been that bad. I’ve written a bit about it here and here.

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