Tasty morsels 003 Gleanings

May 11, 2015

  1. “Tsukushi, what I had thought was a regional wild vegetable foraged only in the countryside of Japan, was in fact horsetail, an unbridled New England weed. Years living in Japan had allowed me to see my own backyard anew. It was a revelation.” Eat weeds.
  2. “How can the wisdom around such a simple food get so universally bungled?” Cook polenta.
  3. “After the policies were enacted, trends in the prevalence of overweight-obesity leveled off among students attending schools in more disadvantaged neighborhoods but declined among students attending schools in neighborhoods with the highest income and educational levels, according to the study.” Regulate competitive food and beverages
  4. “Pigs have … been beset by snobbery, given that pork has regularly provided calories to the poorest members of society. After the Black Death carried off a third of Europe, demand for meat plummeted and so did prices. Peasants started eating pork; uppity nobles chewed on birds and beef instead.” Respect pork.
  5. “‘We try to adhere to a ranger dress code,’ he told me as we wended our way through the backroads of Williamson County, in Central Texas. ‘No mustaches, no beards. You can’t wear a black hat. Bad guys wear black hats. It’s an old Western thing.’” Catch rustlers.

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