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An English woman’s take on Italian cooking Second helpings from Eat This Podcast 2015


rachel-roddy-coverRachel Roddy, after about 10 years of hard slog, is an overnight sensation.

She’s just scooped the André Simon award for best food book in 2015, a very big deal indeed for a first book. I’d been warming up this second helping for a day or two before that news came through last Friday. My original reason for revisiting this episode was that her book, Five Quarters: Recipes and Notes from a Kitchen in Rome, is due to be published in the US tomorrow, 2 February, under a somewhat different title: My Kitchen in Rome: Recipes and Notes on Italian Cooking The different titles were just one of the things we talked about and that are worth sharing again; Rachel’s well-deserved award provides an extra reason.

There’s a lot more packed into the original, full-length episode. Rachel talked about how a website turned into a book and about how she’s discovering life and cooking in one of the less glamorous towns of Sicily, the subject of her next book.



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