Eat This Newsletter 006 Gleanings

What happened to 005? Work got in the way. Maybe later.

30 June 2015

  1. Hands up all those who thought the fish in sushi had to be raw? Nordic Food Lab has some news for you as it seeks “to reproduce a gravlax, in its old fermented version, that is delicious to us now – or let’s say, for this first trial, at least palatable”.
  2. Could you make 1,000,000 good tortillas a day? Chipotle founder Steve Ells is working “to make artisanal tortillas on an industrial scale”.
  3. I remember the concert for Bangladesh, but nobody seems to want to celebrate the good news with a big party at the Albert Hall. Bangladesh is no longer a basket case; it’s a food basket.
  4. A guide to egg labels for the confused, which is all of us. I’d love to see cross-country comparisons.
  5. Smaller peaches save water and taste better. No surprises there. So why aren’t people buying them? A sad story of one California farm family trying to adapt to climate change.
  6. Bonus shameless self-promotion. Good thing the regulations that preserve Parmigiano-Reggiano say nothing about who works the dairies. BBC News reports on Punjab in the Po.

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