Eat This Newsletter 020

28 December 2015

New old stuff

  1. The pre-mayonnaise vitello tonnato continues with Vitello tonnato and the mayonnaise conundrum. Either way, I don’t get enough of it.
  2. Reinventing the Greenhouse goes to China to examine proper solar-heated greenhouses, just like a 1978 book on my shelves. How soon before these become a thing in urban agriculture?
  3. Fun, guys:
    1. The Year in Fungi from Nicola Twilley.
    2. Speaking of Chemistry explains the taste of truffles in a video.
    3. Behold, the Agar Art Contest. Not strictly food, but how can you not like people who paint pictures with fungi (and bacteria)?
  4. Tucson Becomes the First UNESCO-Designated Creative City of Gastronomy in the U.S.. Shameless plug for my interview with Megan Kimble, Tucsonite and author of Unprocessed.

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