Eat This Newsletter 023

1 February 2016

  1. Big news! Rachel Roddy, guest on the programme last October, has just won the André Simon award for best food book of 2015. That’s reason enough for a second helping of our conversation. Publication tomorrow in the US adds extra piquancy.
  2. Should you bribe your children to eat vegetables? "Over the past 50 years, psychologists’ answer … has evolved from 'D’uh, of course!' to 'Probably not!' to 'Maybe yes?'." Not very helpful, I know, but there’s something there for everyone.
  3. Something Sour in the Middle Class. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous meditation on another existential question: “[W]hat is behind this trend to make their own bread, particularly sourdough bread? Why bake yourself, when the shelves are already filled?”

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