Eat This Newsletter 025

29 February 2016

Happy leap day

  1. I’m in a town I’ve never been to before. Where should I eat? Not any place that rates highly on Yelp, and here’s why.
  2. In case you missed it, that story about “fake” Parmesan containing wood-pulp. You get what you pay for, although that’s not to say you couldn’t make a perfectly acceptable, wood-free Parmesan-style hard cheese outside Emilio-Reggiano.
  3. Just as you can probably make an perfectly acceptable, Giera-grape based sparkling wine that isn’t officially Prosecco. In New Zealand, for instance.
  4. All about emulsifiers, bedrock of so many prepared foods. Possibly more than you want or need to know, but a good companion to …
  5. Nostalgia at the stove, Cynthia Bertelsen’s critique of modern food writing.

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