Eat This Newsletter 027

28 March 2016

Fuzzy, and logical

  1. This paean to Kampot pepper seems full of holes to me. (Not least that guff about “France’s Gruyere cheese,” which is well out of order and out of date.)
  2. I’ve taken an interest in butter since before the very first Eat This Podcast. This comparison of Anatolian and Nordic butter scratches that itch.
  3. Have we had enough of foraged food yet? Apparently not, but all foraged food is not created equal.
  4. Is a rice cooker the smartest gadget in the kitchen? Maybe. (You’ll see what I did there once you’ve read the article.)
  5. But is it smart enough to make any of 15 kinds of crispy rice bottoms?
  6. Shameless self-promotion. Did you know I have this other thing, Pick of the Podcasts? This week, I’m showcasing three podcasts that are up for a James Beard Foundation award. So, that’s shameless squared.

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