Eat This Newsletter 034

4 July 2016

Authentic food news

  1. Let’s get the celebrations over. Simran Sethi warms up the story of apple pie.
  2. I refuse to think about Brexit, but I’m glad Martin Parr was at work documenting the threat to some British food.
  3. The lets-create-a-new-crop story surfaces again, in Western Australia. I’d love to see this happen, but I’m not holding my breath.
  4. Michael Twitty responds to Cynthia Bertelsen’s “deconstruction” of the myth of Southern cooking with some deconstruction of his own. This one will run and run.
  5. And to add a little substance, here’s a review of a book about rice in West Africa.
  6. A website I follow started a series on the transformation of agriculture in India, another story of what Rachel Laudan calls appropriation and imposition.

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