Eat This Newsletter 061

4 September 2017

  1. Although it seems like it has been around forever, Chez Panisse opened only 46 years ago. Alice Waters reminisces.
  2. And speaking of restaurants and white supremacy, here’s Rachel Laudan on Tunde Way on whiteness
  3. … and Civil Eats on Detroit and restaurants and blackness.
  4. How soon before some fancy white restaurant appropriates choi jhal?
  5. Matteo Petitti (remember him?) reports on millet as a response to future droughts in Italy. And yes, you can make millet pasta, if you must.
  6. Which brings us to: Italian pasta labels test limits of EU law. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, and Politico does a good job of making it visible.
  7. That’s an example of what Michaela DeSoucey calls gastronationalism. Self-promotion: listen to her talking about foie gras

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