Eat This Newsletter 073 Migratory

Back to a list, for a change, because this time around I really don’t have much to add.

  1. Marseille’s Migrant Cuisine had my mouth watering from the get go. I’ve never been and now, more than ever, I want to.
  2. Kiki Aranita operates Poi Dog, a food truck and restaurant dedicated to the “local food of Hawaii”. So when she came upon The Gourmet’s Encyclopedia of Chinese-Hawaiian Cooking she had to try some of the recipes. That makes for a great story, Get Kitsch Quick. What does Rachel Laudan thinks of it?
  3. It’s dog eat dog in the world of restaurant booking apps. Eater Chicago blew the whistle on how an employee of one app made hundreds of bookings through a rival booking app, resulting in no-shows that cost restaurants dearly. Best of all is the note at the bottom of the article: “Disclaimer: OpenTable is an Eater advertiser and uses Eater content on its website and app.” I wonder how long that’ll last?
  4. Popular Science has the scoop on pigeon meat. Squab is yet another food that has made the tricky transition from revered to reviled and back again.
  5. Small birds, big chicken: Poultry farms are not small independent businesses according to the Small Business Administration in the US, which loaned them $1.8 billion between 2012 and 2016, three quarters of all SBA loans. So what are they? “Affiliates” of Big Chicken.
  6. The Great Norwegian Porridge Debate. Go ahead, add flour at the end, science got it wrong. I confess, I had no idea there had been a Great Norwegian Porridge Debate.

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