Eat This Newsletter 081 Summer abundance

  1. Two posts about technological fixes in the food industry. Wouldn’t it be cool to eavesdrop on a discussion between David Zilberman and Rachel Laudan?
  2. Germany is helping India’s spice growers to undo some recent technological fixes.
  3. A peer-reviewed study of the Mediterranean diet is retracted on 13 June and republished a week later with essentially the same conclusion. Marion Nestle asks: What are we to make of all this?
  4. Hard to believe I somehow had not mentioned the first of One Angry Chef’s two carefully considered pieces about Jordan Peterson, but here they are: Thermidor Part 1 and Part 2.
  5. The London Review of Books often releases articles from a while back. Here’s a joy, Angela Carter reviewing Redcliffe Salaman’s classic book on the potato.
  6. CDC retracts finding that farmers have the highest suicide rate in the country. Solid detective work by Nathan Rosenberg and Bryce Wilson Stucki busts another agricultural myth.
  7. Farm Aid is awfully sorry about the high suicide rate among farm workers, but “will continue to prioritize farmer stress despite [the] retraction”.
  8. Maybe they should just go back and listen to Nathan and Bryce butzing the myths of American agricultural history.

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