Eat This Newsletter 092 Not funded by vegan activists

  1. I like the odd cocktail, but I didn’t know that they began as a way to make nasty alcohol palatable.
  2. Reflections on Gingerbread, with a recipe for a gingerbread cake from a Jewish perspective.
  3. Ken Albala, a frequent guest on Eat This Podcast, published one of his Food Rants on Cultural Appropriation, Authenticity and Gastronomic Colonialism. I didn’t find it at all ranty.
  4. What with all the big breweries swallowing craft beers, what’s a committed craftsperson to do? #SeektheSeal, apparently. I vaguely prefer the underground artist’s approach, first brought to you in ETN 041
  5. And speaking of previous ETNs, it seems that if your biscuits are bad, it might not be because you bought the “wrong” flour, at least according to The Salt at NPR.
  6. What makes the deadly pufferfish so delectable. No question mark; the scientists are telling us it is down to twelve taste compounds. Another two make it even more so. I’ve never tried fugu so I couldn’t possibly comment.
  7. The EAT-Lancet report – Food in the Anthropocene – has already been everywhere, eliciting mostly predictable comments. I’m not linking to any of them, for now.

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